1. General Terms and Conditions 
These terms and conditions apply to all reservations and accommodation agreements entered into between "the Client" and Paris Boulogne Hotel.
Once a reservation is accepted by Paris Boulogne Hotel, a contract exists between the Client and Paris Boulogne Hotel; the fact that a Client makes a reservation indicates the Client's acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Amendment of the General Terms and Conditions
These General Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time and without notice. Before making a booking, we recommend consulting the most recent version on our website.

3. General Terms and Conditions and use of our website
The use of our website is subject to the Terms and Conditions explained below. By using this website, the Customer acknowledges that he/she is legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.  All discounted rates advertised are limited offers, subject to availability, and may be subject to a minimum number of nights.  While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, Paris Boulogne Hotel assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to make changes to the information and descriptions of the accommodations listed and its products.
Access to the reservation is limited to the exclusive use of individuals or companies, excluding any group of rooms constituted for the same period of stay. Any request for a group of more than 10 rooms must be made in writing (email) and subject to an estimate and contract (rates and cancellation conditions specific to groups).

4. Use of the website
The website can only be used by people over the age of 18, who are of legal age to enter into binding contracts.

5. Online bookings and third-party websites
Please note that different General Terms and Conditions as well as cancellation policies apply to online reservations made through Booking Agents and other affiliated sites depending on the city, accommodation and rate type selected.
Please take the time to carefully read the apartment rate information that is available before you make your online reservation.

6. Payment terms and the credit card payment process
With the exception of the "Non-refundable" Customer, the Customer will be required to pay the balance in full upon departure or arrival using their credit/debit card, and verify with the latest technology that uses chip and PIN.
Upon arrival, the Client will also be required to pay a deposit, either by pre-authorization on their card or by cash payment (see paragraph below on deposits).
With the exception of the "Non-refundable" Customer, the Customer will be required to pay the balance in full upon departure or arrival using their credit/debit card, and verify with the latest technology that uses chip and PIN.
Upon arrival, the Client will also be required to pay a deposit, either by pre-authorization on their card or by cash payment (see paragraph below on deposits).
Paris Boulogne Hotel reserves the right to validate a prior authorization of payment on credit cards used as a guarantee for reservations corresponding to the amount of the first night of the stay before arrival. Paris Boulogne Hotel reserves the right to cancel reservations associated with declined or invalid credit cards.
Credit/debit card transactions will be charged at the local exchange rate; Paris Boulogne Hotel is not responsible for any additional charges that may be applied.

7. Cancellations and no shows
In accordance with Article L. 221-28 of the Consumer Code, the customer does not have the right of withdrawal provided for in Article L. 221-18 of the Consumer Code. The sales conditions of the reserved rate specify the cancellation and/or modification procedures of the reservation.
The cancellation of a reservation will only be effective from the reception date. Cancellation must be made by email. A cancellation confirmation will then be sent to you. If you do not receive a cancellation confirmation, it is entirely possible that we have not received your cancellation. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that their cancellation request has been received.
Cancellations must reach us before noon (local time) two days before the scheduled arrival date for any reservation made through a third-party partner. Reservation cancellations made directly on the hotel's website must reach us before noon (local time) on the day before the scheduled arrival date. It is important that you keep the cancellation number that is sent to you. If the Customer does not show up or attempts to cancel within 48 hours before the scheduled arrival, they are then considered in the "No Show" category, and they will be required to pay the total non-refundable amount.
Reservations with prepayment cannot be modified and/or canceled (Non-Refundable rate), as the total amount and any additional extras have been debited at the time of booking. Advance payments, such as deposits, will not be refunded. In this case, it is mentioned in the sales conditions of the rate.
The Customer agrees that the aforementioned cancellation fees are a fair and true estimate of the loss that Paris Boulogne Hotel would incur for the cancellation of a reservation. In the event of an interruption of the stay by the customer, the full agreed-upon price will be collected. In the case of a reservation with prepayment, no refund will be granted for this reason.

8. Bookings made through other channels
Bookings can be made through other sources, for instance online travel agents, tour operators or other websites that apply different cancellation policies. Please consult your booking confirmation for more information.

9.Paris Boulogne Hotel’s relocation policy
While every reasonable effort has been made by Paris Boulogne Hotel to ensure that reservations made under this agreement are able to be honoured, we reserve the right to relocate any reservation to accommodations of similar size and standard in the locality. The Client acknowledges that the Paris Boulogne Hotel accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by or caused to the Client following the relocation.

10. Changes to the booking at the request of the Guest
If the Client wishes to change his/her reservation (for example, change the dates of stay or the accommodation requested), the Paris Boulogne Hotel cannot guarantee that it will be able to do so and accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or additional expenses that may arise in such circumstances.
While changes are not permitted for the non-refundable rate, they are permitted for flexible reservations (subject to availability) if the request is made no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival. Additional charges may apply if the accommodation rate for the new nights differs from the previous reservation. All requests for changes must be made in writing.

11. Identification, security deposits for damages and extras - Payment card pre-authorization
You will be asked to provide photo identification upon arrival.
The bedrooms can only accommodate the maximum number of guests indicated in the description, and in accordance with the legislation concerning establishments receiving the public. No additional visitors are allowed. Upon arrival, the guest must provide the hotel with the names of all guests staying with him/her. Unfortunately, the names of any additional visitors cannot be added once the check-in has been completed
The Paris Boulogne Hotel reserves the right to charge a deposit upon arrival.
A guarantee of 100€ is required per night and per occupied room in addition to the payment of the stay.
Only one payment may be taken, and only the responsible person will assume responsibility for the conduct of the other occupants.
The payment will be used to cover incidental items including, but not limited to, breakage, damage to residence property, cleaning charges due to the room being left in an unacceptably clean condition, excessive electricity consumption, and violations of rules such as smoking in the rooms or disturbing other visitors enjoying the hotel. The deposit may also be used by the management team in the event of additional visitors not authorized to use the hotel and its facilities.
At the end of your stay without incident, the pre-authorization will be released according to the policy applied by your bank. As a general rule, it takes between 3 and 10 working days, however for some banks this period is extended.
The Client should note however that with the pre-authorization system, there is no money transfer at the moment, but this will affect the available balance and the spending threshold authorized with the card, as long as the pre-authorization is in progress. Paris Boulogne Hotel is not responsible for delays related to pre-authorization releases by credit card companies.
In the event of disturbances to other guests, or damage to the hotel, the cost incurred by the Paris Boulogne Hotel will be deducted from the deposit paid, and only the remaining balance will be returned to the Client.
If this cost exceeds the amount of the bond, the Client agrees to compensate the Paris Boulogne Hotel for any damages, additional cleaning costs or other costs and agrees to pay all costs of recovery including all legal fees, and other expenses.
Customer hereby gives its consent to Paris Boulogne Hotel to charge Customer's credit card for all reasonable expenses incurred that are not covered by the Deposit.

12. Check-in and check-out requirements - Key return
The Client must comply with the rules imposed by Paris Boulogne Hotel at the time of arrival and departure. Unless otherwise agreed, rooms are generally available from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival. In the case of online check-in, the hotel reserves the right to verify the identification of each occupant. When paying online, the guest will be required to carry the credit card used in his/her name. The credit card used for payment will be requested by the hotel upon arrival. In the event of a dispute, the hotel reserves the right to request an alternative method of payment or to cancel the reservation.
To guarantee early arrival (before 12:00 noon) it is necessary to pre-register the room from the previous night. In the event of a no-show in such circumstances, then a fee equivalent to two nights will be charged.
Unless otherwise agreed, all rooms must be vacated, and keys returned by 12:00 noon on the day of departure. By prior arrangement, late checkouts can be arranged for the day of departure. Late departures will incur additional charges. An additional night's accommodation will be charged for all departures after 3pm.
If the Client does not show up for departure formalities before 3:00 p.m. on the day of departure without prior authorization, Paris Boulogne Hotel reserves the right to remove the Client's personal belongings from the room and declines all responsibility for the possible loss or damage of these belongings.

13. Facilities and services included in the price
All rooms are fully furnished and equipped with appliances such as television, minibar, coffee machine, kettle...
Meals and drinks are not included in our product offer unless mentioned in your reservation.
No objects/appliances may be removed from the room. The list and rates of the objects and services are available at the hotel reception.
All advertised prices include bed linen, towels, access to cable TV and Wifi Internet. The private use of Wifi is subject to French legislation, security and IP address recognition. The user is responsible for the actions committed from his access, even if they were made by a third party.
The advertised price includes the standard hotel service and includes VAT at the current rate. The tourist tax, which is not included and is applicable to all persons aged 18 and over, will be collected by the hotel and indicated on the customer's invoice.

14. Liability for damage to or loss of Guest property
The customer is solely responsible for choosing the services on the website and ensuring their suitability for their needs, so the Paris Boulogne Hotel cannot be held accountable in this regard.
The customer is also solely responsible for the information provided at the time of any service reservation. The Paris Boulogne Hotel is not liable for any incorrect or fraudulent information provided by the customer. Additionally, only the customer is responsible for the use of their account and any reservations made, both in their own name and on behalf of third parties, including minors, unless they can demonstrate fraudulent use without any fault or negligence on their part. In this regard, the Paris Boulogne Hotel must be immediately notified of any misuse or fraudulent use of their email address.
The customer agrees to use the website and the services offered in compliance with applicable regulations and these General Conditions. In the event of a customer's failure to fulfil their obligations under these General Conditions, they are responsible for any damages caused to the Paris Boulogne Hotel or third parties. As such, the customer undertakes to indemnify the Paris Boulogne Hotel against all claims, actions, or recourse of any nature that may result and to compensate for any damages, expenses, or indemnities related to them.
In particular, by making a final reservation for a service, the customer agrees to pay the price and abide by the specific conditions related to it. Specifically:
- Any irregular, ineffective, incomplete, or fraudulent reservation or payment due to the customer will result in the cancellation of the service reservation at the customer's expense, without prejudice to any action the Paris Boulogne Hotel may take against them.
- The customer must not invite anyone whose behaviour may harm the establishment.
- Bringing food or drinks from external sources into the establishment (rooms and common areas) is not allowed unless explicitly authorized by the establishment.
- The establishment is 100% non-smoking; smoking is prohibited within the establishment, including in the rooms.
The customer must not disrupt the operation of the establishment or compromise the safety of the establishment or individuals on the premises.
- Any behaviour contrary to good manners and public order within the establishment, as well as non-compliance with the establishment's internal rules, will prompt the establishment's director or any other service provider to ask the customer to leave without any compensation or refund if payment has already been made. If no payment has been made, the customer must settle the cost of consumed services before leaving.
- Minors can only stay in the establishment accompanied by an adult and with a personal identification document. If the accompanying adult is someone other than the parents, they must have a parental authorization from the child's parents. The establishment may request these documents.
- The customer also agrees not to use the information technology resources provided by the establishment (including the Wi-Fi network) for reproducing, representing, making available, or communicating to the public protected works or objects under copyright or neighbouring rights, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software, and video games, without the authorization of the rights holders specified in Books I and II of the intellectual property code when required. The customer must also comply with the internet service provider's security policy of the establishment, including the rules for using security measures implemented to prevent the illicit use of information technology resources and refrain from any act that may affect the effectiveness of these measures.
The customer is responsible for any damages caused by them and/or their guests within the establishment and bears all costs incurred by these damages and/or non-compliance with the aforementioned rules. The Paris Boulogne Hotel reserves the right to intervene if necessary. 

15. Liability for damage to or loss of property belonging to the hotel
It is the Client's responsibility to take reasonable care of the room and its contents during their stay at the Paris Boulogne Hotel.
The room and all equipment, utensils, furniture, etc. must be left clean and tidy at the end of your stay, otherwise a charge may be made.
We remind the Client to lock the rooms and close all doors and windows when you leave.
Except in the case of normal wear and tear, you are responsible for any damage to the room or its contents during your stay, which has occurred due to negligence, wilful misconduct or irresponsible behaviour on your part or the part of the persons occupying the room or their guests. Any damage must be reported immediately to the Management.

16. Use of Paris Boulogne Hotel and quiet enjoyment of the premises for all visitors
The Client shall not do anything in the accommodation that would violate the Law.
The Client shall not create any nuisance to other clients or staff members.
Paris Boulogne Hotel authorizes the use of its residential complexes only for personal, appropriate and law-abiding use.
Paris Boulogne Hotel expressly prohibits access to its suites by persons other than those listed on the official reservation document.
Paris Boulogne Hotel and the Client agree that no occupancy rights arise from the use of the residence.
The Client is not authorized to re-rent/sub-rent the room to a third party.
Paris Boulogne Hotel reserves the right to refuse entry to the hotel and accommodation to a Client if, upon arrival, Management reasonably believes that the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is improperly dressed or behaves in a threatening, abusive or otherwise unacceptable manner.
Paris Boulogne Hotel applies a strict Anti-Party policy. Do not exceed the maximum number of people per room and noise levels must not cause a disturbance to other guests. Additional charges will be levied on a Guest's account if it is proven that a party has taken place.
The maximum room occupancy is shown on your reservation confirmation.
Guest must comply with all reasonable rules and procedures in effect at the hotel, including but not limited to health and safety procedures and requirements, and registration requirements.
If during the course of a stay, Paris Boulogne Hotel receives serious complaints about the Client or the Client behaves in a manner detrimental to the enjoyment of other clients or their guests or the Client is in violation of the Terms and Conditions, then Paris Boulogne Hotel reserves the right to terminate the Client's stay without notice and without any obligation to refund any monies.

17. No-smoking and no-candle policy
All rooms at the Paris Boulogne Hotel are by right Non-Smoking. A fee of 250 € per stay will be charged if you smoke in the room.
The use of candles or open flames in the room is strictly forbidden.
Any act against the detection and security systems is liable to prosecution.

18. Access to the rooms by Management
The Management team and its authorized staff members may enter the rooms at any time to inspect them and carry out repairs or maintenance work.

19. Complaints
Paris Boulogne Hotel guarantees to make every reasonable effort to ensure that the accommodation chosen by the Client is properly equipped and of good quality.
In the event of dissatisfaction, the Client must immediately inform Paris Boulogne Hotel of any complaint, no later than 12 hours after arrival. If the Paris Boulogne Hotel does not comply with its guarantee and does not have the ability to correct the problem, the Paris Boulogne Hotel will choose at its discretion to provide a replacement room (subject to availability) or a partial refund of the price paid.
The Paris Boulogne Hotel's liability will in no case exceed the amount paid for the rental period.

20. Child policy
Children under 3 years of age are accommodated free of charge in rooms where a baby bed is available.

21. Pets
Pets are allowed in the Paris Boulogne Hotel.

22. Disputes
The General Terms and Conditions are governed by French law, without prejudice to any potentially applicable mandatory protective provisions of the consumer's country of residence.
The client is informed by Paris Boulogne Hotel of the possibility to resort, in the event of a dispute concerning these General Terms and Conditions, to a conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative dispute resolution method, under the conditions provided for in Title I of Book VI of the Consumer Code.
After contacting customer service or the establishment to attempt an amicable resolution of the dispute, and in the event of a negative response or the absence of a response within a period of sixty (60) days from the referral, the client can freely contact the consumer mediator associated with the professional, namely the Association of European Mediators (AME CONSO).
- The procedure for contacting the Mediator and their contact information are available by clicking on the following link: Mediator contact details and procedure, or on the website
- The Mediator can be contacted within twelve (12) months after the initial complaint.
- The form for contacting this Mediator is accessible from the following link: Tourism and Travel Mediator Contact Form or by mail addressed to the following address: AME CONSO, 197 Boulevard Saint-Germain - 75007 PARIS.
Paris Boulogne Hotel also informs the client of the existence of a European Online Dispute Resolution platform ("ODR") that can be used. The client can access it through the following link: 

23. Miscellaneous 
In accordance with article L.223-1 of the French Consumer Code, consumers who do not wish to be the subject of commercial canvassing by telephone may, free of charge, register on an opposition list against telephone canvassing. This list is accessible via the following website: